Global Reach

RDG Global and our collaboration with Indochine International create a truly global partnership, with American, European, Australian and Chinese offices and factories located in Sri-Lanka, Guatemala, Vietnam, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Turkey, China, and Cambodia. Together we’ve established a vertically integrated fashion group where we can create at all levels of the production process, from designing to sourcing to manufacturing.

RDG Factory
RDG Office Factory Map New Draft.png

Most of our factories are owned by RDG Global, and all have achieved the highest levels of compliance as well as WRAP Gold certification and Sedex certification. They produce quality product for brands all over the world, working with some of the biggest brands such as VF, PVH and Levi’s. Our Ethiopian factories are our second largest operation, and the plants in the Hawassa Industrial Park are 100% Zero Liquid discharge, meaning any water that is used in the plant is reused in order to decrease the amount of water waste. We continue to move towards using more automation to drive better quality, reduce waste and increase efficiencies always by using state of the art machinery. We value our workers, we employ over 11,000 locals and regularly teaming up with NGO’s and international retailers to continue improving the factory’s work conditions, and have held summer camps for the children of our workers for the past five years.

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